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PupDefender® Cat Hammock

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Cats often glue themselves to the window. 

Indoor cats, especially; have an unfulfilled longing for the outside world that can only be relieved by staring out the window.

If you want to make your cat happy, no better way to do so than by creating them a special perch.

This way, they can stare out the window without sacrificing comfort! This Cat Hammock Window Bed is specifically created with that goal in mind.

Instead of DIY-ing it and possibly ending up with a perch that will fall off and hurt your cat the moment they step on it, it’s better to just purchase this high-quality-made hammock!

With industrial-quality suction cups and a bed made from Oxford cloth, nylon, PP, and PVC, this hammock is capable of supporting a weight of up to 33 Lbs.

That’s more than enough weight-bearing capability for two average size cats!

This size of 11 In. X 27 In. is also ideal for two medium-sized cats.

The Cat Hammock Window Bed is a favorite of all cats and their owners!

Easily mounts to windows using industrial strength suction cups and braces. And it offers sanctuary for multiple cats.

Your cat will finally have a place of their own!

They will stop taking over your bed or your furniture so you can have those back, too!

GTGN No. 1511