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Nickel + Shipping Versatile Bandana

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So, You wanna be a cowboy or Cowgirl??  A bandana is not the only thing you need.  You need to wear it right.  Attitude.  Gumption!!  Did I just write Gumption??  I remember that in a movie... Cool word, huh?? Anyway... where was I??  Yea, right.. Attitude.  Have it and this Bandana.  Not too many pesos.  Or what have you.  Credit card will work!!!

Oh, yea... don't forget to get it now.  These things fall through the cracks in the hustle and bussle of Halloween ordering and shipping.  ORDER NOW!!!

Talk soon, Compadre!!!

We know everyone else is doing a Free Plus shipping offer.  Seems like a good deal.  And they charge $10.95 Shipping.  That's not a deal!!

With Us, for Just A Nickel, plus  $7.95 Shipping,  Each.  You get a great deal.  Only comes out to $8.00 Per Item.  Get Some For Your Friends And Family.  Limit Four Per Order!

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