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40 L Mountaineering Water Repellent Backpack

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Use this highly functional and comfortable backpack for day trips, weekend hikes, section hiking or months on the trail where frequent resupply points are available, such as the Appalachian Trail, the Long Trail or the El Camino de Santiago. Made from 100% waterproof Composite Fabrics, the 40L Outdoor Mountaineering Water Repellent Backpack is highly durable and weatherproof.

6 ADJUSTABLE STRAPS- For tying up your pack or hanging sleeping bag, mat, hammock, tripod, and other gears.

Computer Compartment:Your Laptop (big enough for a 17"laptop).There is a compartment that can be used for a bladder and a holding place for the tube but no specific bladder space.

It meet size requirements for most airlines.

The hip belt is adjustable but can not be removed.(the size:25--53 inches)

GTGN No. 4402