About Us


The People Behind The Store...  It Is Always Hard Writing About Yourself... 

Here Goes:

This is the part about Me/Us.

We are in the Central Valley Of California.  Fresno/Bakersfield areas.  It gets hot here in the Summer.  Cold In the Winter.  That is the reason we have the products we have.  We cover the weather differences.  Well, The products are very good.  More about our products later...

In addition to running this store, I also have a small construction business.  It is Ok.  But, not what I see myself doing for the rest of my life. Hopefully this store works out and I won't have to work in the Construction business anymore.

I previously was an Accountant in the Bay Area (Silicon Valley).  Have worked in the Grocery Industry.  Was an Automotive Mechanic.  Auto Body and Fender Repairman.  Painted Cars.  Painted Houses.  Done all sorts of things.

Before I started this store I had another store.  Setting up my products was time consuming and tedious.  This new store is on a platform which makes things easier to setup.  But, still have to get customers to my store to see my products.  Some things never change.

I am the father of Four Beautiful ladies.  Aged from 27, 26, 15 and 13.  They are wonderful girls.  Couldn't ask for better daughters.  I have been blessed.  Most of my family lives in the Central California Area, near Fresno.  A small town called Madera. Great people.  Small town feel.

When I am not working I like going fishing, camping and boating.  Being outdoors is very relaxing.  I also enjoy watching Professional American Football.  Baseball and some other sports.  Eventually I will be putting some of my experience working on cars to use.  Hope to restore some American Muscle cars.  Chevellles, Camaros, GTO's and the likes. Maybe even an el Camino.  Who knows??

Along with me, are some great people who help run this store.  You will probably encounter them sometime if you contact us.  They all handle different aspects of the store.  And all those aspects are very important to our brand.  Rest assured we will do everything we can to make your shopping experience with Get The Gear Now! a very positive and memorable one.

As far as our brand (Store name "Get The Gear Now!"), The name came about because we wanted to make it a name where people would know they can get what they want and need in a "One Stop Shop". 

We carry many products.  From Clothing, to Boots, Pet products, Jewelry, Sweaters, Fitbit type Activity Trackers, Purses, and then there is Etcetera.  Sort of self explanatory.  Just stuff you need and were not sure you needed it... ;)

We like our products and the selections we carry.  Also, we do add more products suggested by customers and in the various options.

Setting up the store takes time and very specialized training.  It is not as easy as they make it seem.  This is a labor of love.  Lots of hours a day go into keeping this project going.  I hope you like the work we have put into it.  If there is anything you would like to see different, please leave a suggestion.  We would love to hear from you.

Filling The Need For A Store With Quality Products At A Very Affordable Price Is What We Wanted To Do.  We Are Looking To Give You Value For Your Hard Earned Money.  

The Pricing Is Something We Consider A Very Good Deal. As The Quality Of Our Products Are High, Too.  If You Encounter The Same Product For Less Somewhere Else, Please Let Us Know And We Will Match It.  Plus Give you 10% More For Bringing It To Our Attention.

Please Look At All Our Products.  Purchase As Gifts For Family, Friends, Even Yourself, Too!  Know We Stand Behind Our Products Completely.  Buy With Confidence.  Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal.  Always!

We Work Hard For Our Money.  We Know You Do, Too.  We Respect Your Opinion And Are Happy You Choose To Buy From Us.  We Take Your Decision To Buy From Us Seriously.  Thank You For Choosing To Spend Your Money In Our Store.  It Is Important To Us To Give You The Best Products At The Best Price.  It Will Always Be Our Goal.

About Our Product Choices... 

We Love Cats.  So We Have A Collection For Those Who Do, As Well.  BTW, That Is Our Cat, Cece In The Picture.

Fidget Spinners Are Just Fun.  And Necklaces, Pendants And Watches Always Complete An Outfit.  We Are Fashion  Conscious!!!

Thank You For Reading This.  If You Have Any Questions, Comments Or Suggestions (We Love Knowing What Our Customers Think), Please Email Us At: Get_The_Gear_Now@Outlook.com

Thank You, 

Carlos and the Get The Gear Now! Crew!!